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How Much Does a Colorado DUI Defense Attorney Cost?

Costs are something that will always be an issue in deciding to hire an attorney. It is important to understand costs, but it is also important to understand how these costs are calculated. Most Denver DUI Defense attorneys will base their fees on experience and number of priors.

This is why the costs of a Denver DUI lawyer should be important. A DUI defendant should always remember what the costs go towards. If the lawyer permits you to keep working, you will not lose your job and way of life. You could also minimize the consequences of a DUI defense and save money in the long run.

It is important to speak with a Denver DUI attorney that understand these types of criminal cases and costs of a DUI Lawyer.

How Do the Fees of a Colorado DUI Defense Attorney Work?

Some defense attorneys charge based on an hourly rate while others do a flat fee. An hourly rate charges a defendant for every hour spent handling the case. The second will typically charge you based on the work that is done regardless of the amount of time spent on the case.

The Lawrence Law firm does the latter. Our fees are based off a flat fee arraignment. If we resolve the case without a trial, it costs less than an actual trial. We understand that budgets and incomes vary, so we do offer flexible payment plans. 

The fee will is based off a variety of factors. A first offense DUI lawyer cost will be less than a second. An accident or high blood alcohol content can also impact attorneys fees.

Our goal is to work with you and your budget, we do not want a criminal defense client to sacrifice their defense because of budget issues. We also offer free consultations for every DUI case.

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What Are the Penalties of DUI in Colorado?

The penalties for drunk driving are specified in the Colorado Revised Statutes. Colorado has a sentencing structure that requires a mandatory jail time for subsequent DUI offenses. The first has no jail time, and a second DUI offense has a mandatory 10-day jail sentence. A third DUI offense has a mandatory 60-day jail sentence. 

In some cases, an alcohol related offense can be served on in-home detention. It depends on the specific facts of your case. 

There is also probation associated with driving under the influence case. Probation comes with monitored sobriety, alcohol classes, and community service. The conditions and length of probation will be dependent on a defendant’s criminal history and case. 

Secondarily, a DUI case will also have a potential impact on a defendant’s ability to drive. Driving privileges can be revoked pursuant to the Colorado Expressed Consent Statute.  The revocation is based off the results of a breath test or blood test.

A DUI conviction can also result in a revocation of of driving privileges. A Colorado DUI Lawyer can walk you through your best options as well as help you in the DMV hearing.

How to Know What A DUI Will Cost in Colorado?

It is a DUI offense to drive or operate a motor vehicle while your ability to drive is substantially impaired by drugs or alcohol. It is also illegal to operate a motor vehicle if your BAC is greater than .08.

DUI tickets are expensive. There are no big-ticket items. It is death by a thousand cuts with respect to costs. 

Aside from the revocation of license and possible imprisonment, those who are arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) face a series of Colorado DUI costs and fines. Below are the cost and fines associated with drunken driving in Aurora, Colorado.

Colorado DUI Probation Costs

The typical length of probation in Colorado for a drunk driving conviction is 1-year. However, the probation can be longer. Most Denver Metro jurisdictions will charge a rate of $50 a month for probation. There are also monthly drug testing charges that come with this as well.

One service the Lawrence Law Firm includes in any DUI offense is petitioning for early termination of probation. Probation cannot be terminated early in every case. If it is possible, it presents an opportunity to stop the bleeding as soon as possible. 

Colorado DUI Classes Cost

You will be mandated to take a drug and alcohol class. These are typically referred to as level 2 substance abuse classes. You will be required to pay for this class out of your own pocket.

A level 2 alcohol class meets for two hours every week. A defendant can be required to do these classes for several months. Most classes charge a weekly fee of $25 per class. 

There are options that charge $10 a class. The Lawrence Law Firm is familiar with most service providers and can help find the best option.

Initial Colorado DUI Costs, Fines, and Fees

A DUI arrest in Colorado can result in a summons or being booked into jail. If the police officer books you into jail, you could be required to post a bond. Bond for a DUI offense can be quite expensive, or a judge could release a defendant on a PR Bond. If you post a bond yourself, you will get the money back upon resolving the case.

An arresting officer may decide to impound your car after a traffic stop. An impound would require you to pay an impound fee. This fee is typically another $500 to $2,000 in CO DUI costs.

If you are convicted of DUI in Colorado, you may have to pay a high DUI fine. The fine can be waived or suspended based off your economic situation. However, the Colorado legislature has imposed several secondary costs that are not waivable. These small costs typically average at least $1,000.

Increase in the Cost of Colorado DUI Insurance premiums.

It is important to point out that a DUI charge can increase your insurance by an average of 19%. However, the increase can vary depending on factors like where you reside and your insurance company. How long you’ll pay a higher insurance rate depends on your insurance company, but generally, it’s no less than an average of three years.

If you lose your license because of the Colorado Express Consent violation, you will also be required to carry an SR-22. This is not Insurance, but proof that you have insurance.  An SR-22 is a certificate mandated by the state to verify that an individual is maintaining auto insurance liability coverage after a driver's license has been suspended or revoked.

Ignition Interlock Cost of a Colorado Drunk Driving Offense

An Ignition Interlock Device may be required for a DUI offense in Colorado. This is because of Colorado’s Express Consent Statute. This statue will require an interlock device for early reinstatement and in certain other instances.

An Ignition Interlock Device is a machine that tests the alcohol on your breath and allows the car to start only if your BAC is below a set limit. The BAC typically has to be under .02 in order to start your vehicle. These types of devices will have an installation fee and a monthly rental fee. The average rental fee is approximately $70 a month.

Other Cost of a DUI in Colorado

Aside from the usual financial drain, there are several other costs that a DUI offender may face. In some cases, you may lose your job, especially if it involves driving. A DUI in Colorado could also impact prospective employment.

Also, offenders may lose valuable time owing to continuous court appearances, community service, DUI classes, and jail. Court fees can also be high in these types of cases.

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While a DUI may seem simple, it can get complicated quickly. Each is different, and each case and each defendant require a DUI attorney to tailor a defense to their case and goals.

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Colorado DUI Defense Attorney Costs and Fees

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