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Assault is a serious charge, and it can be charged under several Colorado statutes or municipal ordinances. Assault and battery used to be two separate charges, one being the actual assault and the other being the attempted assault. However, most statues have merged the two offenses together into a single incident. 

If you have been accused of assault in any court, request a free consultation today. Assaults can come with fines, jail time, and probation. Our Assault Defense Attorney regularly represents clients in Arapahoe County, Douglas County, Adams County, and the Denver Metro Area. He also routinely appears in municipal courts, such as Aurora Municipal Court.

Assaults can also vary based on the circumstances of each case. If a child was present or the victim of the assault, the defendant could be charged with child abuse. If the victim and the defendant have an intimate relationship, the assault can be designated as an act of domestic violence. If the assault involves domestic violence, you need to speak with a domestic violence attorney.

What is Assault under Colorado Law?

The elements of a crime of assault is the intentional or reckless use of force on another resulting in injury. An attempted assault is commonly known as a battery. The level of the offense depends on the individual facts of each case. An injury involving serious bodily injury would be charged a second-degree assault. 

The use of a deadly weapon during an assault could result in a first-degree assault charge. If there are no observable injuries, a defendant could be charged with third-degree assault or a municipal ordinance violation. For more information, please see the following:

·       First-Degree Assault

·      Second-Degree Assault

·      Third-Degree Assault

Most municipal codes have assault charges as well. The main difference between a municipal charge and a state charge is the city is not required to show an injury. The element is broken down to an intentional or reckless use of force.

Our attorney routinely practices in Aurora and Denver Municipal Court, but Mr. Lawrence will appear in any municipal court in Colorado. For information concerning the level of jail or possible punishment, see the specific section above and our criminal defense section. You can also find the specific legal definitions at Colorado Revised Statute defining assault.

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How are Assault Charges handled differently than other cases?

Assault cases are different from drug cases or other criminal offenses based off their nature. The facts of an assault case are extremely important. The defenses available to a defendant will depend on what happened. 

Self-defense is the most common defense available to defendant’s facing an assault charge. A claim of self-defense requires a defendant to require two things. They must establish they were being attacked, and they responded with the force needed to repeal the attack. The prosecution would be required to prove a defendant did not act in self-defense.

A conviction for assault could require prison or jail time depending on the level of offense. A second-degree assault or first-degree assault can be classified as a crime of violence. Crime of violence require mandatory prison time. 

The facts of a the case will influence the punishment that is imposed. A defendant could be required to undergo alcohol treatment if alcohol was a factor. If mental health is an issue, the court could require therapy. It is important to speak with an assault attorney to determine the liabilities of your specific case. 

In some cases, it may be important to provide mitigation. A defendant can begin treatment and classes prior to taking a deal. This will help to show the court that the Defendant is taking the case seriously and trying to make changes. It could help to lessen any punishment

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There is not a cookie cutter approach to an assault case. The facts drive the representation. The arguments that can be made depend on the individual circumstances of each case. An assault attorney would be able to speak with you about your case and provide the best guidance moving forward.

While an assault charge seems simple and straight forward, the defense of this crime requires a skilled assault attorney. The Lawrence Law Firm will look at the facts of your case. We will craft the best possible defense for your case.

If you are charged with an assault type case in Aurora or the Denver Metro Area, request a free consultation today. We are open during regular business hours, and we will stay late and be available on the weekends if necessary. Schedule a free consultation with an Assault Defense Attorney from the Lawrence Law Firm. We are ready, willing, and able to represent you.

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Assault Defense Attorney in Aurora, Colorado

A criminal charge of assault is extremely complicated. We are ready and able to assist you in defending against an charge of assault. We routinely represent clients in Aurora, Denver, Parker, Castle Rock, Adams County, and the Denver Metro Area. Request a free case evaluation today.