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DUI Defense and SFST

SFSTS and Expert Testimony in DUI Defense

Law enforcement officers must now obtain certification as expert witnesses to provide opinions on HGN. Prosecutors seek to certify police officers as experts in HGN and standard field sobriety tests (“SFST”) in general.

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Self-Defense Colorado

Understanding Colorado Self-Defense and Initial Aggressor.

The term initial aggressor is not defined. This typically means a jury will be instructed to use the common understanding of the term. The lack of definition means an several arguments can be applied to what an initial aggressor means.

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DUI Attorney Collateral Consequences

Collateral Consequences of DUI

DUI lawyers are also concerned with secondary impacts of a DUI conviction. People commonly refer to these as collateral consequences. These consequences may be more sever or costly than the punishment for a DUI conviction.

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DUI Investigation

DUI Investigation and Standard Field Sobriety Tests

A skilled DUI attorney will need to understand what these tests. Police officers are often designated as an expert in conducting field sobriety tests.

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DUI Costs

Tips to Saving Money from DUI Attorney in Colorado

Jail time is not the only punishment a defendant will face during a DUI case. DUI cases are extremely expensive.

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Self-Defense Lawyer

Youtuber Shooting and Colorado Self-Defense

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DUI Attorney

Colorado Law Permits a Second DUI to be Punished as a Third

Colorado law will require a defendant to be punished for a third DUI, even if the conviction is a second offense. Speaking with a Colorado DUI Attorney is crucial.

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Prohibited Use of a Firearm

Driving Under the Influence with a Gun in Colorado

Adding a gun to any criminal activity will make the criminal charges worse. District attorneys and judges will want to impose criminal sanctions above and beyond the mandatory minimum.

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DWAI Defense Attorney

Understanding DWAI Drug Charges in Colorado

THC has a limit of 5 nanograms of active THC. This is not particularly high. There is no lower limit for THC and DWAI. A blood test determines THC.

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DMV Hearing Colorado

The Anatomy of a DMV Hearing After a DUI

Driving is essential for most people in Colorado. The impact of a DUI to a person’s driving privileges can be a significant hardship. It is important to know what you are dealing with to understand how best to prepare.

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