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DUI Attorney

Colorado Law Permits a Second DUI to be Punished as a Third

Colorado law will require a defendant to be punished for a third DUI, even if the conviction is a second offense. Speaking with a Colorado DUI Attorney is crucial.

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Prohibited Use of a Firearm

Driving Under the Influence with a Gun in Colorado

Adding a gun to any criminal activity will make the criminal charges worse. District attorneys and judges will want to impose criminal sanctions above and beyond the mandatory minimum.

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DWAI Defense Attorney

Understanding DWAI Drug Charges in Colorado

THC has a limit of 5 nanograms of active THC. This is not particularly high. There is no lower limit for THC and DWAI. A blood test determines THC.

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DMV Hearing Colorado

The Anatomy of a DMV Hearing After a DUI

Driving is essential for most people in Colorado. The impact of a DUI to a person’s driving privileges can be a significant hardship. It is important to know what you are dealing with to understand how best to prepare.

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Supreme Court

Supreme Court and Colorado Stalking Law

Stalking is a serious offense under Colorado Law.

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Felony DUI Statute

A Fourth DUI is Not Always a Felony Under Colorado Law

The language of the felony DUI statute is very particular. In some cases, a fourth DUI cannot be charged as a felony offense.

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DUI Child ABuse

Getting a DUI with a Child in the Car?

DUI’s are stressful. Accusations of child abuse add additional stress. A good lawyer can assist you in understanding the process and guide you on how to fix the situation. The Lawrence Law Firm routinely handles DUI and child abuse defense cases involving children. We tailor cases to the clients to help each client on a personal basis.

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DUI DMV Colorado

DUI Early Reinstatement Changes

For offenses after 2023, a defendant can start the reinstatement process immediately. This process would require a defendant to obtain an interlock device and special insurance.

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Auto Accident Attorney

Why My Car Accident Attorney Needs My Insurance Information?

The goal of a car accident lawyer is to maximize your recovery. Sometimes using your insurance may help.

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DUI Car Accident

The Impact of a Car Accident on a DUI Defense Case

DUI Defense will focus on mitigators and aggravators. Aggravators are things that make a case worse. Mitigators are things that make a case less severe. DUI car accidents are always aggravators in a DUI Defense case. They can impact a criminal proceeding in a variety of ways.

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